The WitherEdit

Withers are boss mobs in Minecraft, only spawnable by the player. When fully charged with health they will make a crater, about the size of two charged creepers. To
The wither
spawn a wither, you must make a T like you do for a iron Golem, but out of soulsand. Then add a Wither head on the top of each part of the T, and one should spawn. For projectiles they shoot Wither heads, glowing as if they had been enchanted. They have a chance of exploding on impact, dealing 3, 5 or 7 hearts of damage depending on what mode youre in. They have 300 hearts and were added in the latest patch of 1.4.2. Withers have to be slayed using a diamond sword, and are immune to arrows while healing before exploding on full health, even if enchanted. Withers slowly heal themselves, but long enough for you to realise. It was also the second boss mob to be introduced.

What will it do?Edit

The Wither will attack the player and anyother mob except undead mobs (Zombie, Zombie villager). It cannot destroy blocks unless it has shot a projectile, and can move very quickly. When hit by a Wither skull, you will get an effect much like a splash potion, called Wither WARNING : ONLY AVALIBLE ON NORMAL OR HARD and it makes it look like your dead, but your not. When in the End or Nether, It will rather go for smaller mobs than larger mobs. But it will still go for Ghasts and the Enderdragon. Once the wither has attacked large mobs, it will attack smaller mobs and then even smaller. Their Wither heads cannot, unlike Ghast balls, be deflected. Also, the Wither is said to "crunch" through fluids.Unlike TNT, Wither Skulls break Obsidian even though they have a smaller blast result to TNT or creepers. The Enderdragon was meant to be the final and hardest Boss, but The Wither seems slightly harder to kill. The only block the Wither cannot break is bedrock. The protection enchantment can deflect the damage of Wither Skulls hitting, but the looting Enchantment will not encrease the amount of Nether Stars dropped by it. The ID for Wither spawn eggs is 383, but is frankly usless because it wont spawn anything.


Wither Boss and Crazy Fire Spread (Snapshot 12w34a Part 3)

Wither Boss and Crazy Fire Spread (Snapshot 12w34a Part 3)

A video on the Wither.