The player (Steve)==

Steve, or known as "The player" is the character the player exhibits when first creating a world. Humans, (removed in beta 1.8) are mobs that Steve can spawn, with the same health, characteristics and skin as Steve. Steve generally spawns at a bed if there is one, but if the bed is not there or destroyed, Steve will spawn at the deatful spawn. He is right handed, and spawns with nothing but his bare hands. Steves whole body can be seen by pressing F5. Steves arm length in survival mode is four blocks, but in creative mode his reach is increased to eight blocks. The player has a brown hairstyle (prephrably an afro.) Steves skin can be at anytime changed, by opening a PNG file made by skincraft, or a TXT file. The player can hold any item he/she wants, including ores, obsidian, ect.

how to killEdit

To kill The player, he can be attacked by mobs, drown, burn or be killed by another player. Steve may take fall damaage, but that will not kill him. Steve can blow up/be blown up by creepers or TNT, but the requires Steve to be ihelaradium. Still, this might only damage The player, so Steve must be 2-4 blocks towards the explosive.