Minecraft pig

health points: 10

spawn: Grass blocks with a minimum 2x2 space above them.
first appearance: classic 0.24 SURVIVAL TEST (august 22, 2009)
Network ID: 90
savegame ID: Pig
drops: raw porkchop (0-2)upon death Cooked Porkchop (0-2) upon death when on fire
experince: 1-3

Pig== A pig (plural: piggies or pigs) are the most common animals found in a naturaly generated world. They can be used to ride on by putting a saddle on it (to do this right click on the pig (mouse two) ). Pigs roam in groups of 3-4, and deal the deatful oink sound while usually staring at you. pigs may breed producing baby pigs. The usual pigs are 0.875 blocks tall, 0.650 blocks wide and 1.3 blocks long. Pigs, like any other animal, after being hit run around squarking frantically in circles.

Pigs roam the Overworld in groups of 3 - 4. When they encounter obstacles, they will often try to surmount them by hopping up and down. They make no attempt to stay out of water, bobbing up and down to stay afloat. Pigs have been described as the "stupidest mob" due to their inefficient, sometimes comical, pathing. When leading them with wheat they will often become stuck on the opposite side of a block rather than walking around it.

By right-clicking on a pig while holding a saddle, a player can ride it. However, the movement of the pig cannot be controlled by the player. Riding a pig off a cliff is one of the more unusual and challenging achievements in Minecraft.

Pigs tend to move more often, but in smaller strides, towards the North-East, without any other variables coming into play.

As of 12w7b pigs have a new AI system like the many growing mobs. This AI is the same with the sheep, cows and mooshrooms. a usual Pigs appearance has pink skin, ears, and nose. Their eyes are one black and one white pixel, and they have a short, stubbed tail. Just like any other passive mob, with the exception of villagers, they are walleyed.


Minecraft PSA Don't Kill Pigs

Minecraft PSA Don't Kill Pigs. (Animation)

DONT KILL PIGS! please? :)