The Enderman stare.

Enderman== Endermen, like creepers only exist in the game. They are three blocks tall and black. Endermen are slightly destructive, as they can move blocks from any building to another position. Their stare can shock players, as they must kill the Enderman becase if they run away the Enderman kills them slowly. They can also teleport, so you cannot trap them. Endermen were origianly a parody for "Slenderman" in the game, but then Notch quickly changed the name to "Enderman" to keep down commotion. Added in 1.8 beta, these creepy mobs used to have purple eyes. They leave smoke behind when they teleport, and may spawn behind the player, "Steve?" When looking away for a short time then looking back, you will notice the Enderman has moved closer a few blocks. When you put your cursor on the Endermans body, he will attack. But if you place your cursor on his arms or legs, he shall put you in the "stare" stage. Putting your cursor between his eyes will make The Enderman do a eerie "screech!" sound, just like Slenderman. Endermen cannot pick up a diamond ore. Endermen spawn allover in their homeland, The end, along with their boss the Ender Dragon, who has to be saughtered to get the portal back to the Otherworld.

You cannot hit Endermen with projectiles even if their in a minecart. Currently in 1.3.2, Endermen can only pick up grass blocks, dirt, mycelium, sand, gravel, clay, dandelions, roses, both types of mushroom, catus, pumpkins, melons and TNT. If you kill an Enderman holding a block, the block will simply vanish with the Enderman. Their sounds are from a human mouth saying various things, remixed and changed. The Minecraft Wiki says that the things they say are:

  • the `idle1` sound is a reversed “here”
  • the `idle2` sound resembles a reversed “higher” (“hy-a”)
  • the `idle3` sound is a down-pitched “whats up?” or "this way!"
  • the`idle4` sound is a down-pitched reversed "forever!" the `idle5` sound is a reversed "uh oh!"(oh no")

Endermen can be killed by water, poison, lava, fire and falling, but are the most dangerous mob in the game (apart from Ghast, Blaze and Enderdragon) becuase of their strategy of taking hits then teleporting behind you to attack. While attacking, their mouths are opened.

Mythical powersEdit

.Endermen can teleport.

.Endermen can put you in a "stare down" which means you look away, you die.

.Endermen can pick up blocks and take them to another position.

.Endermen cannot pick up diamond, and cannot hit or kick.