the typical Creeper


Creepers, unlike other enimies are exlusive to the game. They are a type of enemy that sneak up unexpectedly, then all of a sudden, explode. This damages everything in the Creepers blast radius, and may hurt the player. On death he also explodes, causing just as much damage as a normal explosion, which kills him anyway. A Creeper can only explode once, and may hurt other creepers during the explosion, exploding them. Creepers do not have arms and appear with a sad face, which leads to the blank black eyes. Creepers have four, curved legs and often jump when hurt. They have lighter green skin than the zombies, but they are both have equally disturbing features. Mostly they talk while repating the S on a word, as this is similar to their fuse SFX. here is what they say:

"That'sssss a very nice (insert noun here) you have there, it would be a ssssshame if anything were to happen to it..." Creepers have a eyesight of sixteen blocks, and will chase the player if he/she is in that line of sight. Creepers typically have a strategy of hiding then exploding. If killed by a skeleton, creepers will drop "music discs" which can be played on a jukebox. These can be either the golden disk to C418's blocks. They usually spawn in dark places.

creepers would not be in the game if notch hadnt failed his pig model.

charged creepers Edit

Charged creepers are more dangerous than normal Creepers. They are usual creepers, hit by lightning or when lightning struck 3-4 blocks away from it. They are improved Creepers, with a bigger blast radius and better eyesight. they appear with a blue lightning-like sheild around them, and are as powerfull as TNT. They are very rare in the game, and cannot be spawned in creative mode with a egg. But because they are struck by lightning, they are easier to kill because they are damaged by the lightning first. Their blast is twice as powerful as a normal creeper.


Minecraft Mobs Creeper

Minecraft Mobs Creeper

a explanation of creepers.