Crafting table


The crafting table, is the most common block made from wood planks in the game. It is a 3X3 block with a "Tic-tac-toe" style pattern on the top when found idle. In lava or fire, the crafting table will catch on fire, but the fire will be extinquished and the crafting table will resume as it were. To activate the crafting menu, right click on the crafting table itself. The crafting table was origianly called a workbench, before the beta 1.2 update changing its name it "crafting table". To place a torch on the top, the crafting table must have snow on itself first. When you add the torch, the snow will be replaced and it will just become a usual crafting table with a torch on the top. the same rule applies to Redstone torches, wich give less light from themselves. Crafting tables can be used as a fuel for a furnance, but unfortunley can only compete in 1.5 smelting operations and burn for 15 seconds, wich in total dosent made the crafting table a reliable fuel. Also, unlike furnances, the crafting table can not hold items in the crafting section with the player (Steve) away from it. The crafting table will simply shoot them back out, being able to be picked up. Holding shift while crafting makes the crafting table craft as much as the product of possible.


Crafting tables have a saw on its side, looking like a workbench, its previous name.

they secretly on the bottom have the usual wooden plank texture pack, so can be placed as a roof tile.